International Journal of Healthcare Simulation - subjects-1641318326311-b1bf88b4-d08a-4272-a24c-0b19b4e18d31 Default RSS Feed en-us Adi Health + Wellness <![CDATA[Novel do-it-yourself low-cost abdominal laparoscopy entry simulator for gynaecology trainees]]> Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has affected gynaecology trainees in the United Kingdom by reducing operating theatre experience. Simulators are widely used for operative laparoscopy but not for practising laparoscopic-entry techniques. We devised a low-cost simulator to help trainees achieve the skill. Our aim was to pilot this low-cost simulator to perform Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) supervised learning events.


A single-centre pilot study involving six gynaecology trainees in a structured training session. Interactive PowerPoint teaching was followed by trainees’ demonstration of laparoscopic entry for a supervised learning event and personalized feedback. Participants completed pre- and post-course questionnaires.


All the trainees found the training useful to the score of 10 (scale of 1–10) and recommended this to be included in Deanery teaching. Personalized feedback was described as the most useful. The simulator was rated as good as a real-life patient relative to the skill being taught.


Gynaecology trainees are affected by lack of hands-on experience in the operating theatre for performing laparoscopic entry. A low-cost abdominal laparoscopy entry simulator can help deliver the RCOG curriculum, enabling trainees to achieve required competencies. ]]>