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6 Assessment of The Creation of a New Course
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Although commonly used in the clinical environment, insertion of peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC) is not routinely taught to clinical staff. As the procedure requires knowledge in relevant anatomy, sonography skills, and understanding of complications management, it requires dedicated time for teaching. In 2018 no PICC line insertion courses were found in London County.


The Harefield educational team has therefore created a PICC line insertion course delivered by a multi-disciplinary faculty. This course aimed to increase understanding and confidence of PICC insertion.


Using Miller’s pyramid of clinical competence, the course was structured to provide learners with the knowledge and understanding of the procedure through interactive lectures and demonstrations, before progressing to hands-on practise in the workshops using high-fidelity models to increase dexterity and confidence [1]. Five editions of the course were delivered over 16 months with a total of 65 participants. Pre- and post-course questionnaires were conducted to assess the course’s effectiveness in achieving its purposes.


The results have shown the achievement of all the course objectives such as increased understanding of indications, relevant anatomy, equipment uses, complications and their management relating to the procedure. With increased confidence in the theoretical and practical aspects of PICC insertions, we hope the course attendees will have better performances in practicing the procedure, thus reaching the highest level of clinical competence on Miller’s pyramid.

Implications for practice:

As soon as face-to-face teaching will be allowed again, the PICC insertion course will be resumed as proven well-received and effective.

Mahalingam and Claiandro: 6 Assessment of The Creation of a New Course



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