International Journal of Healthcare Simulation


Table of contents

Volume 1 - Supplement 1


ASPiH 2021 Conference - Moving Upstream: Using simulation to improve systems

Andy Buttery, Guillaume Alinier, Carrie Hamilton, Michael Moneypenny, Sharon Weldon



163 Go Big or Go Home: The Use of Large-Scale Simulation

Emily Browne, Joseph Natalello


12 Remote Control: The Virtual Participant During Simulation

Dawn Sharman, Ben Woodrow-Hirst


202 High-Fidelity Simulated Bronchoscopy: Incorporating Simulator into A Mannequin

Fatemeh Keshtkar, Laura Ellerton, Ryan Kelly, Tim Parr, Simon Mercer


In Practice

110 Using Simulation to Assess Systems and Processes in a New Paediatric Unit

Hanna Tilly, Rhea Bisheswar, Matthew Rubens, Dalbir Sohi


190 Virtual Work Experience in Medicine: Widening Participation

Fatemeh Keshtkar, Laura Ellerton, Ryan Kelly, Tim Parr, Simon Mercer


71 Step by Step: A Three-Step Approach to Faculty Development

Agnieszka Sumera, Helen Henderson, Ian Ballard


77 Fast Track Simulation-Based Education for COVID-19 Deployment

Emad Almomani, Jacqueline Sullivan, Jesveena Mathias, Kimberly Leighton


43 Learning from COVID-19 and Supporting Staff Using Human Factors and Simulation

Suzanne Scaffardi, Michaella Wiltshire, Maria Shah


78 Simulation Integrating Deliberate Practice Method for Developing Assesors of Competence

Emad Almomani, Jacqueline Sullivan, Jesveena Mathias


109 Perceptions of Virtual Simulations by Inter-Professional Simulation Facilitators

Kathryn Neill, Karen Dickinson, Wendy L. Ward


72 Medical Student Attitudes Towards Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Undergraduate Medical Education

John Karp, Miroslav Voborsky, Christopher Woodward, Cian McDermott, Rebecca Kirrane, Rachel Gilmore, Claire Condron


102 Haunted House: The Dangers and Ghosts of The Lived Environment

Kathryn Neill, Duston Morris, Debbie Knight, Pamela de Gravelles, Angel Holland, Wendy Ward, Karen Dickinson


128 Efficacy of a Virtual Mock Trial for Inter-Professional Learning

Kathryn Neill, Karen Dickinson, Wendy L. Ward, Robert Minarcin, Christopher Trudeau


114 Latent Environmental Errors Revealed: Using in situ Simulation to Check the Safety of Returning Theatres to Operating After Being Repurposed as a Ventilator Inpatient Unit

Jon Machin, Louise Schofield, Jon Blackshaw, Vidhi Taylor-Jones, Neil Rimmer, Michael Parker, Helen McFarlane, Mike Harrison, Jon Taylor


42 Updates to the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning Simulation Debriefing Standard of Best Practice

Guillaume Alinier, Sharon Decker, Scott Crawford, Deborah Jenkins, Randy Gordon, Cheryl Wilson


59 Rapid Training During A Pandemic: An Evaluation of a Covid-19 Video E-Learning Package

Liam Dunnell, Sophie P. Maule, Luciana Sowole, Nick Szulc, Wathik El Alami


175 Embracing a System-Based Approach to Simulation – The Experience of a Paediatric Hospital During a Global Pandemic

Emma Broughton, Alasdair Ross, Linda Chigaru, Pratheeban Nambyiah, Sam Williams, Chris Ingram


41 Introduction of Emergency Department in situ Simulation

Demi Thompson, Catherine Holmes, Andrew Matson, Clare Mulqueen


51 Preparing Ward Staff for Covid-19: Can Remote Simulation Replace Face-to-Face Learning?

Colette Laws-Chapman, Liam Dunnell, Sophie P. Maule, Luciana Sowole, Wathik El Alami


194 Implementing a Simulation Training Programme for Physician Associates

Alicia Cowan, Nathan Oliver, Richard O’Brien


79 Importance of Delivering a Face-to-Face Course During a Pandemic

Jeevahan Mahalingam, Penelope Tinga, Amol Lotlikar


129 Using Simulation to Identify System Issues in the Emergency Department

Demi Thompson, Catherine Holmes, Clare Mulqueen, Andy Matson


92 Improving Knowledge and Human Factors Skills During a Pandemic: A Multimodal Covid-19 Educational Project

Liam Dunnell, Luciana Sowole, Wathik El Alami, Sophie P Maule


149 Updates to the Healthcare Simulation Design Standard of Best Practice

Guillaume Alinier, Penni Watts, Colleen Meakim, Pooja Nawathe, Donna McDermott, Matthew Charnetski, Jocelyn Ludlow, Elizabeth Horsley


122 Adapting Foundation Programme Simulation in Response to a Pandemic: Has it Diminished Learning?

Liam Dunnell, Vardah Alam, Roisin Hegarty O’Dowd, Shumontha Dev


33 Infant Abduction: Live Simulation Drills Explore The Risk in The Maternity Unit

Alexandra Quayle, Nick Harrison, Keeley Gaunt, Rochelle McGuffie


188 Community Simulation Program Designed to Improve Recognition of The Deteriorating Patient and Escalation of Care Pathways

Katy Baker, Ben Hester, Esther Wilson, Pippa Richards, Jennifer Coombes, Sarah Vast, Stephanie Newton, Ashley Duzy


50 Continuing Essential Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Virtual Neonatal Skills Training

Diana Aguirre, Sebastian Brown, Robert Negrine, Matthew Nash


57 Using in situ Simulation to Respond to Critical Incidents in Emergency Medicine

Demi Thompson, Catherine Holmes, Andrew Matson, Clare Mulqueen


52 Virtual Shine (Simulation to Help in Neonatal Emergencies): Adapting Simulation Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Diana Aguirre, Sebastian Brown, Matthew Nash, Catherine Powell, Amrit Dhillon


10 Introducing a Virtual Ward Round in Times of COVID-19

Tanith Westerman, Liban Ahmed, Helen Mills


53 Remote and Back Again: An Educator’s Tale of Simulation

Jennifer Taylor, Amelia Thorpe, Paul Bailey, Laura Evans, Christopher McDonald, Paul Knight, Katie Howick, Michael Johnson


55 Introduction of a Cardiac Arrest Proforma Through in situ Simulation Training

Demi Thompson, Catherine Holmes, Andrew Matson, Claire Mulqueen


6 Assessment of The Creation of a New Course

Jeevahan Mahalingam, Francesca Claiandro


121 The Rapid Infuser Challenge: Applying Gamification to Improve Performance

George Pughe, Matthew Smith, Ben Atkinson


176 Does High-Quality Learning Need High-Fidelity Simulation? Experience from Obstetric Theatres Preparing for the First Wave of COVID-19

Christopher Schnieke-Kind, Arlene Wise, Karen Stevenson, Nicki Alexander, Kate Theodosiou



58 Neonatal Critical Care Communication Training Through Simulation: A Novel Regional Course for Neonatal Trainees

Diana Aguirre, Robert Negrine, Davy Evans, Alex Philpott, 
Matthew Nash


169 Managing The Acutely Unwell Patient: An Interactive and Gamified Approach to Online Simulation During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Azeem Alam, Hollie Parker, Catherine Mathews, Thomas Simpson, Innocent Ogunmwonyi, Teniola Adeboye


166 Sequential Simulation as Replacement for Standard 4-Week Practice-Based Learning (PBL) for First-Year Undergraduate Physiotherapy Students

Louise Stanley, Holly Royle, Sarah Ewles, Sophie Gay, David Voegeli, Katherine Cooks


123 Tint: Training in Trauma Simulation Programme

Farah Jaffar, Salman Khan, Harley Westlake, Neeraj Malhan


178 Upstream Immersion: Preparing Allied Health Students with Foundational Placement Skills through a Multi-Disciplinary Simulation Week

Debbie Thackray, Ruth Turk, Laura Rossiter, Rachel Dadswell, Karen Witts, Carrie Hamilton, Cheryl Metcalf, Keith McCormick, Emma Cowley, Belinda Judd, Jennie Brentnall


2 Play to Prepare with Technology-Enhanced Simulation

Remi Paramsothy, Michael George


200 Paramedic Online Simulation: A Novel Approach

Charli Watkins, Martin Hilliard


171 Safe Patient Transfer: Getting Everyone in on the Acct

Peter McCauley, Crina Burlacu, Nick Wall, Anna Marie Murphy, Peter Moran, Brian Kinirons, Dermot Doherty, Karl Knapman, David Menzie


48 Use of Simulation to Introduce Delivery Room Cuddles as Standard Practice in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Diana Aguirre, Cecilia Perez Fernandez, Amy Henderson, Helen Cornes, Gemma Holder, Emma Cawsey


96 A Virtual Mock Trial for Inter-Professional Learning

Kathryn Neill, Wendy L. Ward, Robert Minarcin, Christopher Trudeau, Karen J. Dickinson


46 ‘Born Too Soon’ Virtual Simulation for Ambulance Services On Premature Babies Born Unexpectedly in the Community

Diana Aguirre, Sebastian Brown, Stephanie Henry, Cecilia Perez Fernandez


88 Streaming High-Fidelity ECMO Simulation from a Moving Ambulance

Thomas Hayes, Aldwin Bernasol, Lindsey Pulford, Rachael Bedingfield


106 How the COVID-19 Pandemic has Changed Departmental Teaching in a Tertiary Hospital

Sarah Powell, Eirini Kasfiki, Andrew Blackmore, David Wright


66 An Evaluation of ‘Remote Consultations’: A Simulation-Based Education Intervention

Stephanie Mansell, Lauren Geddes, Abigail Greenwell, Michaella Whiltshire, Nikeesha Gopal, Deep Shah


64 360 Simulation: Assessing Baby Robin

Ursula Rolfe, Debbie Holley, John Moran, Jo Staples, Rose Edwards, Sam Pask, Heidi Singleton


90 COVID-19 Simulation Programme: Rapid Tests of Change

Angus Cooper, Jeremy Morse, Craig Brown


105 A Simulation-Based Departmental Induction Using Virtual Reality 360

Sarah Powell, Eirini Kasfiki, Andrew Blackmore, David Wright


189 A Simulation With No Participants Only Co-Faculty: Using Simulation for Systems Integration On the Large Scale

Nathan Oliver, Kathryn Twentyman, Katie L Howie, Daniel Hufton, Omair Malik


95 Striving to Thrive: Developing an Innovative Region-Wide Medical Registrar Preparation Simulation-Based Course

Joseph Wheeler, Harj Kainth, Andrea Adjetey, Richard Morse, Amarpal Bains, Izhar Ali, Stuart Hamilton, Karishma Mann


155 Piloting a Tabletop Simulation to Prepare Nurses for Ward Coordination

Rosie Warren, Finn Tysoe, Kate Lacey, Sophy Owen-Smith


170 Demonstrating Innovation Through the Skills Hub Initiative

Melanie Humphreys, Scott Coulton


138 Student Perspectives of a Novel Remote Simulation Course

Hannah Freer, Simon Jones, John Lewandowski, Derek Randles, Craig Dores


125 Introducing An in situ Simulation Programme in an Intensive Care Unit

Harry Bateman, Karen Johnston, Andrew Badacsonyi, Natalie Clarke, Kathleen Conneally, Iruka Dissanayake, Sara Finkel, Bruce Liao, Simon Stallworthy, Daniel Worley, Megan Griffiths, Sheila Yeo, Louise Ma


20 Special Delivery: Skills@Home

Helen Henderson, Ian Ballard, Beth Spencer, Lorna Gerrish, Jane Rooney


115 On-Call Bleep Simulation for Final-Year Medical Students

Farah Jaffar, Krishan Patel, Krupa Badiani, Joanna Ismail


25 Unmuting Regional Paediatric Simulation Training Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stuart Hamilton, Lucine Nahabedian, Annabel Copeman, Ashley Holt, Ashish Patel, Elaine Hamilton, Alison Belfitt


94 Phygital Simulation for a Large Group of Learners in a Regional Teaching

Stephen Ojo, Amie King, Faisal Faruqi


98 ‘AOSim’: A Decision-Making Simulation Course for Acute Oncology Nurses

Joseph Wheeler, Amarpal Bains, Karishma Mann


117 Murder on the Laboratory Floor

Thomas Hayes, Jan Charlton, Jill Cordes, Carrie Walton


36 Assessing the Acutely Deteriorating Patient: Adaption from Face-to-Face to Remote Simulation, in Response to the Restrictions of COVID-19

Hayley Boal, Emma Jones, Samantha Williamson, Jessica Prew, Joe Gleeson, Fiona Coia, Kevin Ross


61 Exercise Martian Attack!: Using VR Feedback as a Reflective Tool for Paramedic Science Students

Ursula Rolfe, Adam Bancroft, Debbie Holley, John Moran


119 From Ad hoc Teaching Sessions to Full-Day Themed Teaching Days: An Undergraduate Education Team’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hayley Boal, Kelly Murphy, Eleanor Owen, Emma Jones, Samantha Williamson, Jennifer Utting, Heather Sutton, Jessica Prew, Joseph Gleeson


38 Using Simulation to Improve and Test a Novel Enhanced Care Drug Trolley

Jodie Williamson, Sarah Grundy, Mark Rowson


161 Absent in Body But Present in Spirit: Battling on When Both Learners and Faculty are Remote from the Simulation Centre

Amelia Thorpe, Paul Bailey, Laura Evans, Paul Knight, Katie Howick, Chris McDonald, Mike Johnson


168 A Novel Approach to Interactive, Online History-Taking in Medical Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Azeem Alam, Hollie Parker, Catherine Mathews, Thomas Simpson, Innocent Ogunmwonyi, Teniola Adeboye


49 The Effective Management of Resources in a Busy Sim Centre

Miroslav Voborsky, Rebecca Kirrane, Claire Condron, Tim Lawler, Michelle Scott, Galina Meshcherskaya, Adam Roche, Simon Horne, Clare Sullivan, Caoimhin O’Conghaile


187 A Virtually Perfect Debrief? The Undergraduate COVID-19 Simulation Challenge

Lyndon Wells, Emily Frost, Annabelle Waller, David Newbold, Victoria Gray



31 Debriefing strategies for inter-professional simulation

Catherine Holmes, Edward Mellanby


132 Assessment Tools to Measure Clinical Reasoning While Attending Simulation-Based Courses

Natalie Pattison, Guillaume Alinier, Emad Almomani, Jisha Samuel


182 Surgical Simulator Design, What are Educators and Trainees Requirements?

Leonie Heskin, Ciaran Simms, Oscar Traynor, Rose Galvin


144 Simulation Without the Bells and Whistles of Technology

Burcu Dogan, Natalie Pattison, Guillaume Alinier


37 Simulation as a Proactive Patient Safety Tool

Ben Hester, Esther Wilson, Anna Stevenson, Steph Newton


157 Pilot Study: Virtual vs Manikins: Simulating Reality in Medical Education

Sally Shiels, Helen Higham, Joanna Cudlipp