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1 Prison Simulation: Creating Accessible Xr Content for Hybrid Tel Classrooms in He
DOI 10.54531/JSXW3687, Volume: 1, Issue: Supplement 1, Pages: A42-A42
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An Inter-professional Education (IPE) simulated learning prison was created in Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) for health and social care HE students using a #ReStartSim template [1], and advice from individuals with experience of working and being in prison.


The aim was to deliver a simulated learning IPE event with additional features accessible across the XR spectrum (extended reality) for technology-enhanced learning (TEL) accessible to students and staff within and external to the university in preparation for the hybrid (and hyflex) HE classrooms of autumn 2021.


This simulation was co-created with colleagues across organizations thanks to the #DigiLearnSector, and based upon developments from a simulated learning event run in 2020 [1]. MS Teams was used as the base of the simulation, with digital resources embedded throughout. A ThingLink ( of a prison was donated by colleagues via. the #DigiLearn Sector. The Thinglink (360-degree interactive image of the prison) was edited to include IPE resources and links to MS Teams meetings which were the ‘rooms’ in the prison. These rooms included profession-specific huddles, prisoner assessment rooms and presentation rooms for externals to present. As this was an IPE learning event, we involved students and colleagues from Allied Health Practice (AHP), medical and prison backgrounds to focus on ‘improving patient safety’ through practicing accurate assessment and communication in a safe environment [2]. Meeting rooms were created in MS Teams and then added as active links to the ThingLink for 360 view access into an MS Teams meeting. ‘Staff rooms’ were created as channels for participants to split into smaller groups and connect over the lunch break. This simulation used gamification and presented the initial concept of the day as a game, so the simulation was in effect wrapped around a mini-IPE conference on what students might need to know if they went on placement or to work in a prison for the first time.

Implementation outline:

This simulation used both shared and profession-specific learning outcomes, and ran in September 2021 with second-year students who were used to navigating MS Teams resources. Digital skills were recorded in LinkedIn.

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