International Journal of Healthcare Simulation
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49 The Effective Management of Resources in a Busy Sim Centre
DOI 10.54531/TJLC8913, Volume: 1, Issue: Supplement 1, Pages: A71-A71
Article Type: Innovations, Article History





The efficient working of a busy, multi-faceted Healthcare Simulation Centre that caters to many different stakeholders requires a repertoire of protocols and procedures. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) ensure all resources are managed as effectively as they can be so that teaching can be continuously delivered at the optimum level.


The aim of this wide-ranging project was to devise a collection of SOPs and accompanying files that regulate the efficient management of resources in a Sim Centre.


A template for SOPs was created, with entries for background, purpose, scope, procedures etc. ensuring each SOP would meet a universal standard for the department. They also must be approved by the Simulation Manager and reviewed annually. Accompanying documents, spreadsheets and online forms to facilitate that the processes outlined in the SOPs would also have to be created.

Implementation outline:

The SOPs include maintenance and servicing of equipment, loaning of equipment, booking of equipment for teaching and self-directed practise, inventory, management of Simulation spaces and storage areas, stock-taking and ordering of consumables. A suite of instructional documents, data management spreadsheets and online forms have been prepared and are updated regularly in accordance with the procedures outlined in the SOPs. Much of what simulation staff do is learned on the job and losing that institutional knowledge can be devastating for a program. To combat this the SOPs capture the essential steps to efficiently run our centre. The SOPs are useful tools to communicate the correct way of carrying out an activity and are used to orientate and train new technical staff in our centre. Importantly, the SOPs are an integral part of our quality enhancement process, updated regularly, and used to communicate innovations and improvements amongst the wider centre user community. These SOPs and associated resources will be made available to the simulation community upon request.

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